3 Ways To Get Your Child To Love The Water

It’s your first day at EZ Swim School. You approach the pool deck to meet your new instructor, but your chil

d’s mood suddenly changes. Tears are streaming down their face, and they’ve grabbed onto your hand with a force you never imagined. Your child is terrified of the pool.

Don’t fret. This fear is completely normal, and can be conquered with a combination of patience, practice and willpower. Before you head to EZ Swim, here are three ways you can prepare for that pool deck anxiety:

Rub-a-dub-dub, get comfortable with the water in the tub!

As we mentioned before, you’ve probably spent some time in the tub with your child. Sure, the size of the tub is no match for the pool, but there are some great conditioning skills we encourage parents to try at home before and after lessons:

Trying on goggles to get your child comfortable with how they feel and how they can see underwater Blowing bubbles in the water.

Slowly pouring cups of water over your child’s head

Of course, we can’t predict how your child will react to the sight of the pool, but water exposure goes a long way.

Be encouraging and patient.

Don’t get frustrated. It might take some time for those tears to stop. Offer words of encouragement on the way to your lesson and reward your child for achieving milestones in the water.

Take a step back.

No one likes to see a child scared and unhappy. The sight of tears can make parents question their motives for coming to swimming lessons in the first place.

Don’t give up. Making the jump into swimming as a family can be daunting, but the physical and social benefits last for a lifetime.



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