Practice Makes Perfect: FIVE Swim Skills Your Child Can Learn In The Bathtub

Did you know that swim instruction can begin as soon as your child's first bath? We have some fun and easy tips that you can try at home with your child in the bathtub to promote bonding, trust, confidence, coordination, and comfort in the water. We encourage you to continue practicing these skills, and skills learned in swim class, while taking a bath in order to further their learning.

1. MOTOR SKILLS & 2. VERBAL CUEING (infant - toddlers) While in the bathtub, you can practice those skills we talk about in each lesson: splashing, scooping, kicking, blowing bubbles and nose bubbles. With the little ones, you will want to demonstrate the skill and/or manipulate their arms/legs while saying what you are doing. e.i., while making their feet kick up and down say "kick, kick, kick." You can also use the songs we sing in our lessons as encouragement; 'The people in the pool,' 'If you're happy & you know it,' etc. 3. SUBMERGING (toddler - school age) Encourage your child to put their eyes in the water, blow bubbles, or see how long they can hold their breath. You can also make it fun and bring goggles into the bath to look for submerged objects! 4. POURING WATER OVER THEIR HEAD (infant - toddler) This is a great exercise for those who are still a bit scare to stick their face in the water. Make sure you are letting your child know you are about to pour the water and pour the water slowly but so that water does run over their face without startling them. This will help them get comfortable being submerged and practice holding their breath. 5. BACK FLOAT (infant - school age) An important part of learning to swim involved your child being comfortable on their backs in the water. Start with a small amount of water in the tub so that their ears are partially submerged and increase the depth with your child's confidence. Be patient, this is a skills that takes time and will only be mastered once they begin trusting their abilities in the water.

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