Summer means no school, and lots of time outdoors — swimming at the beach and in neighborhood pools. Maybe your kids don’t need to keep up with swimming lessons, right? Not so fast. Kids should continue swimming lessons all summer long. Here’s why:

Learn techniques

Playing at the beach doesn’t really constitute learning how to swim properly, and kids need swimming lessons even if they already “know” how to swim. We want your kids to have a EZ experience all summer long, and they can at EZ Swim School.

Swimming lessons let kids learn “windmill arms” to propel them through the water; maybe they’ll win that friendly race? They’ll also learn how to have more productive kicks, which means they’ll be using less energy. (But don’t worry, parents, they’ll still be tuckered out after swimming in the sun all day!)

Another bonus to learning techniques? Using the right muscles and building stronger muscles in the process.

Practice swim skills

You already know this, but the only way to get better at something is to practice, practice, practice. Right? Right.

Taking the summer off swimming lessons means kids are missing three months of practice. That’s 12-ish weeks of losing out on progress, and possibly having to relearn some swim skills to be back at the same level — and be able to advance.

Kids gain so many benefits from knowing how to swim, and continually practicing allows them to reach their full potential. Swimming around the pool on long summer days doesn’t really allow for practice of key swim strokes. It’s more for fun, which is fabulous — but don’t let the educational “summer slide” happen in the water. Celebrate each new skill learned as well!

Avoid potential bad habits

Do you remember spending days at the beach, using the doggy paddle to swim? Sure, it got you where you wanted to go, but not efficiently…or properly.

It’s natural to pick up bad habits or start doing something incorrectly just because that’s what others are doing. Continuing swimming lessons at EZ Swim School all summer ensures kids will learn how to swim properly — plus we offer a bunch of other cool benefits to swimming with us!

Water safety

With more kids in the water during hot summer months, the instance of injuries naturally increases. At EZ Swim School, our number one priority is teaching kids how to stay safer in and around the water.

Staying in swim lessons during summer keeps water safety skills top of mind. We want everyone — kids and parents alike — to be able to recognize the signs of drowning to know what to do in a potential emergency — and our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach water safety skills every lesson.

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