Going on vacation – or a staycation?EZ Swim School teaches water safety skills during every lesson to help make sure kids stay safer in water and have a EZ experience wherever they are. This summer, when you are celebrating or hanging out in and around the water, make sure your kids know how to stay safer by enrolling them in swim lessons. Here are some ways your family can stay safer in and around the water. Read on:

At Parties

With people to talk to and the busy nature of a party, it’s easy to turn around for just a minute and stop paying attention to what’s going on in the pool (or at the beach).

How to stay safe: Designate a “watcher.” Have one specific adult keep an eye on the kids and rotate that duty during parties or get-togethers.

Crowded pools and beaches

It’s hard enough to keep an eye on your kids when it’s just them; add in a few dozen other energetic youngsters and adults and it can be quite easy to lose sight of what your child is doing in a split second.

How to stay safe: Make sure kids take swim lessons even if they “know” how to swim – and always have kids swim with a buddy. Most important, be able to recognize the signs of drowning (it’s not frantic splashing!) and know what to do in an emergency.

Unknown water

Part of summer fun is going to pool parties and heading to impromptu beach picnics, so you could end up dipping your toes in unfamiliar water (literally!). But do you know the potential hazards?

How to stay safe: We LOVE the ocean, but unlike a pool, things are constantly changing underwater and can be hard to see. Always know the water you’re in – the depth, rocks and plant life, currents, etc. – and pay attention to posted warning notices and “no lifeguard” signs. Teach kids water safety skills like these to help them become better swimmers!

Open pools

Kids love playing in the water…and that means sometimes they may not pay attention to when they’re not supposed to jump in the pool.

How to stay safe: Install a fence around the pool and lock it — and remove any ladder when not in use. Cover the pool when practical.

Pool drains

Even though you can see what’s in the pool (as opposed to what’s beneath the surface in the ocean or a lake), there can still be hidden dangers in an indoor or outdoor pool. How to stay safe: Beware of the power of and malfunction of drains. Maintain the pool properly and install a new, safe drain to prevent getting caught — and consider modernizing the drain system or installing a sensor. In addition, be cautious of using things like mermaid tails in the water.

Deep water

Whether in the deep end of a pool or in an unknown-depth of the ocean or a lake, it’s even more important to know how to swim and utilize important water safety skills.

How to stay safe: Always have U.S. Coast Guard-approved floatation devices ready (and know when kids are supposed to be wearing life jackets). When you’re on a boat or in deep water, know what to do in an emergency. EZ Swim School teaches kids these 5 things all kids should know how to do in the water, which helps them stay safer in an emergency.

Stay safer with EZ Swim School

Celebrate summer and keep kids safer with swimming lessons at EZ Swim School , where you’ll love our WOW! customer service and the extraordinary results.



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