Safer- Never "Drown Proof"

At EZ Swim School we have always taken the position that no child is ever 100% safe or “drown proof”. Over the years we have seen programs advertise that they will “DROWN-Proof” your children. One should never expect that this claim is true – accidents happen. Instead we take the approach of following the SAFER 3 curriculum. Although learning to swim is the number way to prevent drownings there are other factors that even the best swimmers may not be able to overcome. EZ Swim School takes the approach of Safer Kids, Safer Water and Safer Response. What is Safer 3?

The main concept of Safer 3 is based on the definition of the word “Safe.” Safe means you are free from risk of harm or danger. When it comes to water, that simply isn’t true. There is always risk when you are in, on or around the water. The risk may vary in degree from very slight to very severe. Risk of drowning is found in 3 main areas; Water, a Person, and a Response that will become the last chance for saving a life.

Safer 3 is a comprehensive initiative to dramatically reduce drowning incidents by: 1) Recognizing risks associated with water related activities 2) Implementing strategies to reduce and manage those risks 3) Responsibly maintaining those strategies

Safer Water means identifying where the risks are with any body of water (bathtubs, pools, spas, lakes, rivers or oceans) and learning how to reduce those risks. For example installing barriers such as isolation fencing around a backyard pool would reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the pool by young children.

Safer Kids covers the behaviors necessary for both kids and parents to promote water safety. These water safety tips include constant responsible supervision by adults, along with swimming skills attained through ongoing qualified instruction for kids.

Safer Response overviews emergency response techniques and emergency action plans as a path to water safety. Learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid, as well as having a phone by the pool at all times, are just a few of the water safety tips covered here.

Over time, we believe the Safer 3 will dramatically lower drowning incidents, possibly even eliminating unnecessary deaths altogether. With your help, we can realize that goal sooner rather than later. We hope that you remember to implement these simple steps to ensure safer swimming. Remember to swim near a lifeguard in designated areas, know your own ability and always respect the water at all times. Accidents happen in a matter of seconds so never take your eyes of your children when you are in and around the water.

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